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International Driving License Argentina….The Real Truth

Condor Campers holding an argentina flag in el chalten

Do we need an International driving license to drive in Argentina? If we had a peso for every time we answered this question we’d be ‘peso aires!’ At Condor Campers we think it’s time someone clarified and published an official answer on whether tourists need an International driving license to drive in Argentina. Before boarding

Chile: the perfect hikers’ holiday – Route of the Parks of Patagonia

New 2,800 km trail will create a spectacular scenic route Condor Campers are celebrating with a few cervezas this week as the creation of a new 2,800 km hike through the Patagonian wilderness was 100% confirmed. The revolutionary Route of the Parks of Patagonia will link 17 of Chile’s national parks into one of the

Chile – Officially voted as the best place on earth!

The secret is out, Chile is THE place to visit!! Home to 4,270km of coastline, the world’s driest desert, ice capped volcanoes, the soaring Andes mountains, awesome surf breaks, cosmopolitan cities, world class ski resorts, abundant wildlife, and of course Patagonia and the infamous Torres del Paine. It’s no surprise that millions of travellers now